Things to be careful about in each country

We have summarized the points to be aware of for each country.

Common throughout the world

  • Do not disturb the lives of local people
  • Respect everything about your destination

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Common throughout Africa

  • Water outages and power outages can occur
  • Foreigners are rare outside of major cities
  • Outside of major cities, the basic means of transportation are shared buses and buses. In particular, shared buses do not follow the schedule.

– The bank ATM(Standard Bank ATM) on Adderley St will suck your card. Even worse, your card may be fraudulently obtained by bad guys. Be especially careful with debit cards, as all deposits in your account may be lost.
-> Don’t use it.

My memory is as follows.

– Danger is nearby.
-> Do not go out unnecessarily early in the morning or late at night.

– Please be careful in and around Cape Town Station. Foreigners are better off not riding the subway.
-> Please be careful about the time you go.

– There are many people who try to accept money as bribes at Aéroport international d’Ivato. Please be careful if you go to the airport alone.

– There are also many restaurants that are not sanitary. I had an oral infection, bacteria got into my intestines, and I couldn’t stop vomiting. Please only go to stores where you can see buckets of detergent and sinks.

– There are many similar place names, so be careful with pronunciation and spelling.
Below is an example where I actually made a mistake. The location is completely different.

correct) Toubakouta
error) Tambacounda

– It’s farther away than it looks on the map. There are many places where the roads are not straight and there are many ups and downs. It is better to avoid walking between towns.

– Depending on the time of day, there may be water outages or power outages. Since it occurs in each city block, there is nothing we can do to deal with it.

– Credit cards are rarely accepted and cash must be exchanged from US dollars or euros to the local currency.
-> Cash is required.

– It is rare to find someone who can speak English. There are many situations where you need to speak Portuguese.

– There are many street children in Accra.
-> Do not give money casually.

– It’s quite cold at night.
-> You must have something to put on.

– The air conditioner inside the building is quite effective and it can be cold at times.
-> It is better to carry something you can wear.

– The official language is English, but locals speak a mixture of English and Spanish.
-> Travelers don’t understand unless it is explained to them.

– There are few airport staff who can properly manage and process the situation. Also, announcements to customers were insufficient. The ticket counter is always crowded and the transfer procedures are not very strict.
-> You need to actively take action and provide information to staffs of airports.

– Don’t talk about history with local people. This policy is about all countries.
-> All you have to do is look at the present and enjoy it. If you want to learn about history, visit the museum or Memorial Center.

– If you choose to ride a camel, beware of high fees.
-> It’s faster to walk.


Common throughout Asia

  • In most countries, locals are shy, so people basically don’t talk to you.
  • strong religious overtones

– Even male travelers should be careful about sexual harassment when riding alone in a taxi. The driver will actively touch us aggressively.
-> If you are single passenger toward taxi, it is best to avoid sitting in the passenger seat.

– Due to religion and national characteristics, there are limited places where you can drink alcohol.
-> You have to find a store, but you can drink alcohol.

– Route buses will pass without stopping unless the driver recognizes them.
-> It is necessary to appeal.

– Do not take photos of military items

– If you have been to the Middle East, such as Iran, you will be asked questions upon entering the country. You will have to wait for over an hour to answer your questions.

– please avoid stamping Israeli entry/exit stamps. You won’t be able to go to another country.

– Anyway, it’s bothersome to be called out to, taxi drivers, person involved in the tourism industry, souvenir shops, etc.
-> Ignore them.

When it comes to accommodations, there are many that are quite dirty or have dilapidated exteriors, so you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance.
-> Best to read reviews and check the rooms.


Common throughout Other

  • Be careful where your transfer due to travel time and visa requirements.

– American cars are luxury taxis.
-> Please be careful about the fees.

There are limited places where you can drink alcohol.
→Please consume alcohol only in designated areas. Please note that other countries have similar regulations.

Sydney Airport is not open 24 hours a day.
-> If you have something to do late at night, it’s a good idea to ask the staff if there is a free spot.

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