I made a 4-panel comic about something that happened recently.

I’d like to introduce some of the things I’ve been encountering a lot lately in a 4-panel comic style.

The reason may be that the world is changing drastically these days.

When you travel to countries around the world, things you never imagined will happen during your stay. However, it will all be a good memory after returning home.

See all kinds of things, meet all kinds of people, and talk all kinds of things. I think all of them were good.

In particular, guesthouses attract many different types of travelers. Most of them are of different nationalities and races. By talking, you can come into contact with values that are different from your own, and it can also be a great way to reminisce.

”That guest house was fun”. I’m curious about what’s going on now. ”

Memories of your travels may come back to you in your daily life.

Nowadays, the Internet is popular, so if you know the name of a guesthouse, you can search for it right away.

One of my fondest memories is going to Israel. “Milk&Honey Hostel” near the capital Telavib is a place where you can make memories and talk with a variety of people.

I went to Israel five years ago. I decided to check Google Maps to see what was going on.

By the way, it’s closed. The place I remember from five years ago is no longer there.

When I learned this fact, I was filled with deep sadness.

Even if you go to Israel, you won’t find the same place you remembered five years ago. You can’t go back to the past.

But it’s okay, the memories will always be in my heart. It will never go away.

In this way, travelers may be living in two worlds: memory and reality.

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