An incident that actually happened in Madagascar has been recreated as a 4-panel comic.

I would like to tell you about a tragedy that happened to me in Madagascar.

Board a plane from Ethiopia to Madagascar.

When I was boarding the plane, a woman asked me if I could carry her luggage onto the plane.

Since I didn’t have much luggage, I agreed.

Women’s luggage doesn’t look big.

There seemed to be quite a lot inside. I don’t know what’s inside.

I bent down a little to pick up her stuff. after that,

I felt a shock like being struck by lightning.

For a moment, I couldn’t imagine what had happened.

However, I soon realized that my luggage was heavier than I expected.

It is a tragedy that I have not yet reached my destination, Madagascar.

I almost hurt my back.

I managed to get my luggage onto the plane and the mission was completed.

I learned that even the most casual request can destroy you if you are not careful.

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