An incident that actually happened in Senegal has been recreated as a 4-panel comic.

I would like to introduce an incident that happened to me in Senegal.

I decided to take a bus to a distant town. I heard from other travelers that the town we are heading to is a beautiful town by the sea.

I immediately bought a bus ticket at the bus stop near the hotel and boarded the bus.

The bus continued to run through the night for about nine hours.

It seemed like we had arrived at our destination, so we got off the bus. The scenery was completely different from what I had imagined.

Apparently both the city and the sea were beautiful. There seems to be nothing as far as the eye can see.

Open the guidebook and check.

The destination was a town called Tubakuta.

It is approximately 240 kilometers away from the capital Dakar.

But what about where you are now?
As expected, it was different from what I expected.

My current location is Tambacounda. It is approximately 460km from the capital Dakar.

what do you mean?

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