◉ 35 NATIONS I visited ◉

I am walking abroad with the goal of going to 3-countries every year.

My favorite areas are Africa and Middle East.

I have visited in 35 countries14% of the countries in the world.

My visits is as follows.


Northern AfricaEgypt🇪🇬
Eastern AfricaMadagascar🇲🇬, Malawi🇲🇼, Rwanda🇷🇼
Middle AfricaSao Tomé🇸🇹, Gabon🇬🇦
Southern AfricaSouth Africa🇿🇦
Western AfricaGhana🇬🇭, Senegal🇸🇳


Central AmericaMexico🇲🇽
Northern AmericaUnited States of America🇺🇸


Eastern AsiaTaiwan🇹🇼, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region🇭🇰, Republic of Korea🇰🇷
South-eastern AsiaBrunei Darussalam🇧🇳, Lao People’s Democratic Republic🇱🇦, Malaysia🇲🇾, Myanmar🇲🇲, Singapore🇸🇬, Thailand🇹🇭
Southern AsiaIndia🇮🇳, Iran (Islamic Republic of)🇮🇷, Sri Lanka🇱🇰
Western AsiaIsrael🇮🇱, Lebanon🇱🇧, Oman🇴🇲, State of Palestine🇵🇸


Northern EuropeUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland🇬🇧
Southern EuropeHoly See🇻🇦, Italy🇮🇹, Spain🇪🇸
Western EuropeFrance🇫🇷


Australia and New ZealandAustralia🇦🇺, New Zealand🇳🇿

Biography of my journeys

35th. Sao Tomé (2023/10)
 └ Cidade de São Tomé ★★★★☆

From Japan, it is easier to go to this country due not to require any VISA for sightseeing. It is difficult to make plans as there are many flight cancellations.

34th. Gabon (2023/10)
 └ Libreville ★★★★☆

I had to stay overnight in Gabon due to an unexpected flight cancellation. Now I had an interesting experience due to the flight cancellation. But In Gabon, there are many bad points that need to be improved at the airport.

33th. Egypt (2023/06)
 └ Alexandria ★★★★★
 └ Giza ★★★★☆
 └ Cairo ★★★☆☆

I had the feeling that it would be in the top of the list of countries that you can’t understand unless you go there, and the reality is different from what you imagine. Imagination is often said to be deceptive and persistent. Although there were some scenes where I could get a glimpse of it, I almost never encountered it. In fact, I was surprised at how kind most of the people I met were.

32th. Malaysia (2022/12)
 └ Kuala Lumpur ★★★☆☆
 └ Malaka ★★★☆☆

For my first overseas trip since the coronavirus pandemic, I chose Malaysia from among the countries that many Japanese people go to. It was a country where no matter where I went or what I ate, I didn’t feel at home. Is this China? The Chinese had such hegemony that I couldn’t help but think.

Speaking of Malaysia? I don’t have a clear answer to that question. Culture is unique, or rather, it is the result of the influence of various cultures, and I think this is a country that grows by incorporating things.

I think it was because it was the end of the year and everywhere was crowded.

31th. Senegal (2020/02)
 └ Dakar ★★★★★
 └ Tambacounda ★★★★☆

“Senegal” shined with goodness beyond imagination. It was an unusual African and Muslim country, but everyone was kind. The best part is that the sea is very beautiful. If you were to ask me, “Where would you like to go to Africa?”, I would recommend Senegal.

It may be the paradise of the African continent. I can’t think of any other drawbacks other than the fact that you have to be on the plane for 20 hours to get there.

30th. Myanmar (2019/12)
 └ New Bagan / Old Bagan / Nyaung-U ★★★★★
 └ Yangon ★★★★★

A country that does not get angry, its former name was Burma. As the nickname suggests, everyone spoke to me kindly and friendly. People tend to think that the capital is Yangon, but that is the old capital and the new capital is Naypyid. You’ll be amazed at how cheap accommodation is.

The capital is not functioning well. It made me laugh that the capital is just a transit point for buses.

A coup d’état occurred in Myanmar in February 2021, but I hope things move in a safe direction.

29th. Oman (2019/10)
 └ Muscut ★★★★☆
 └ Nizwa ★★★☆☆

Oman was the most difficult part of my life’s journey. There’s probably no one around who has ever been there. On a normal trip, I would often visit the UAE as well, but I spent 7 nights in Oman alone, so I would like to praise it. The reason why it was said to be difficult was the lack of accommodation options and the greed unique to Islam.

Since it is not a tourist country, you can see the true meaning of Islam. I have fond memories of chilling out while drinking alcohol.

28th. Brunei Darussalam (2019/04)
 └ Bandar Seri Begawan ★★★★★

Although it is an extremely small country, I was satisfied with the kindness of the Malay people and the abundance of food and drinks. However, it is extremely hot because it is a tropical rainforest. And since the country itself is rich, it has become a country optimized for cars. To travel on foot, you have to have physical strength and overcome the heat.

27th. Lebanon (2019/01)
 └ Tripoli ★★★★★
 └ Beirut ★★★★☆

Lebanon is often talked about a lot these days. The capital and other cities have completely different faces. In particular, Tripoli, the second city, has a variety of shops, and I found my favorite cafe in the world and had a very happy time there. The true face of Lebanon is in Tripoli, so I highly recommend you to visit there.

On August 4, 2020, a large-scale explosion occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The cause of the accident was the explosion of a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at Beirut’s port. Although the port has not yet been fully restored, it makes us think about the negative legacies of the past.

26th. Cuba (2018/11)
 └ Habana ★★★★★

When I went there, regulations were being loosened, so there were plenty of accommodations and the internet was open. What was very disappointing was the American car from the 1950s. It is a trademark that represents Cuba, but it is a taxi, and moreover, it is a luxury taxi that costs two to three times the normal fare. Of course I’m not riding it.

Havana, known as the Red Light District, has the best nightlife. I want to go to Jazz Bar again.

25th. Madagascar (2018/06)
 └ Antananarivo ★★★★★
 └ Antsirabe ★★★★★

It was a very strange country that could be described as Asia in Africa. Many of the people looked like Asians, and many of the foods were similar in some way to Asians. When it comes to food and drinks, please be extremely careful about hygiene. Even though I have an invincible stomach, I couldn’t stop vomiting for the last two days because of the bacteria that got into my intestines.

24th. United Kingdom (2018/04,2018/10)
 └ London ★★★★☆
 └ Worksop ★★★★☆

People who like it love England too much. This was the only time I visited, and it was for work. No matter where I walked in the city, it felt like I was walking through a movie. However, the rumors are true: the food is bad and the prices are too high.

23th. Hong Kong (2018/01)
 └ Hong Kong ★★★★☆

I didn’t have enough money so I didn’t leave the airport island. The only memories I have are cup ramen and beer, so I would definitely like to go again.

There are many Japanese tourists, and most of them are going to Disneyland.

*I stopped by while transiting.

21th.22th. Israel, Palestine (2018/1)
 └ Jerusalem ★★★★★
 └ Palestine ★★★★★
 └ Tel Aviv-Yafo ★★★★☆

It was the most exciting country I’ve ever been to. When I actually went there, I found out that there was a very interesting culture that was different from what I saw on the news.

Old Jerusalem is a complex labyrinth filled with a variety of shops. It’s a mysterious world, just like Alice. On the other hand, New Jerusalem was a modern cityscape that could be called a European country.

However, I think it is the country with the highest prices. It is said that prices have increased due to military spending, but it is still difficult to survive.

On the other hand, in the neighboring country of Palestine, the people were calm, prices were low, and it was comfortable.

The most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas broke out on October 7, 2022, due to a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel. This issue is complex, but I hope we can find a way to reconcile and resolve it.

20th. Singapore (2017/10)
 └ Singapore ★★★★☆

Although it is such a small country, it boasts the economic power and name recognition that can be said to be the best in Asia, thanks to the country’s policies. There are few tourist spots, and as you know, prices are very high. Also, I was warned that the Merlion, a tourist attraction, is not easily accessible as it takes about an hour by train from the airport.

Please watch the video below and enjoy Singapore’s traditional food stall “Hawker”, which is designated as an intangible cultural heritage.

19th. Rwanda (2017/10)
 └ Kigali City ★★★★★
 └ Mount Huye ★★★★★

A country that has modernized after a genocide. In Kigali, this is Africa! It has become such a big city that you will be surprised. The coffee was delicious, especially the Huie coffee. I still can’t forget the smiles on people’s faces.

A country that has overcome its sad past and has been completely reborn. I was surprised to find a supermarket open 24 hours in the middle of town.

18th. Ghana (2017/07)
 └ Accra ★★★★☆
 └ Kumasi ★★★★★

Accra, the capital, has once been ranked number one in the world for being a chaotic city, and I could feel that fact even as I walked around the city. The number of street children in Accra, the capital, and the amount of garbage and cars in Kumasi are surprising. They are by far the most fashionable people in Africa. I was impressed by how clean and neat his suits and shirts were.

A country that wants to learn the harshness of Africa and take revenge. In Africa, it’s actually quite cold at night. It was painful not knowing that and being disappointed.

As the world’s largest waste disposal site for electrical and electronic equipment, Agbogbloshie, there is a place where e-waste from all over the world is collected. I think this is an issue that everyone should think about.

17th. Malawi (2017/01)
 └ Lilongwe ★★★★★

A country with the nickname of being the poorest in the world. There was an African simplicity here. Since there are not many tourists, you can see the real Africa. Although I had the misfortune of going bald after returning to Japan due to stress, I can say that I had a wonderful experience and made friends.

Learn the true nature of countries that are said to be poor in the world. This makes us think about what it means to have low GDP.

16th. Mexico (2016/09)
 └ Guadalajara ★★★★★
 └ Guanajuato ★★★★★

Guadalajara is a metropolis, yet it has a distinctly Mexican feel. You can get a glimpse of the vibrancy of people and their lives here, and the music playing in the streets made it a very elegant day. It’s fun to walk around Mexico because each city has its own unique features. I also have fond memories of Tequila Village being filled with tequila.

15th. Iran (2016/05)
 └ Shiraz ★★★★★
 └ Persepolis ★★★★★

Which country do you recommend? If you are asked this question, you will definitely answer Iran. When it comes to Japan, people tend to think of dangerous people, but when they go there, they are treated like superstars and are shocked by the difference. Persepolis is the best ruin in the world. Words cannot describe the number of buildings that have been destroyed in this vast area.

14th. Sli Lanka (2016/02)
 └ Anuradhapura ★★★★★
 └ Sigiriya ★★★★☆
 └ Ratnapura ★★★★★
 └ Galle ★★★★☆

When you think of Sri Lanka, you think of curry and sapphires. I ate three curry meals a day and they were all delicious, and minerals like sapphires allowed me to see the light and darkness of the world. I also have fond memories of catching the flu in Sigiriya.

Ratnapura, the city of “light” and “shadow”, was good. We don’t know what people’s future will be like, so it was nice to see him putting his hope in the future.

Among these four cities, Anuradhapura (Buddhist city) and Ratnapura (Gem mining city) are recommended.

13th. South Africa (2015/09)
 └ Cape Town ★★★★★

Which country do you recommend? If you are asked this question, you will definitely answer South Africa. For a completely different reason than in Iran, you can always feel “alive”. Although all the conditions for development are present, such as developed cities, abundant resources, and a large land area, there are dangers unique to Africa. I like that this contrast coexists at the same time.

Learn the importance of life. I’m glad the environment and history are different from Japan.

12th. Laos (2015/05)
 └ Luang Prabang ★★★★★

Laos is an extremely laid-back country. I spent days where it felt like time had stopped. The fruits are especially delicious. The mixed juice was a luxury made from 100% fruit juice, and I never got tired of it.

It was relaxing and relaxing. It was like time had stopped.

11th. ThaiLand (2015/03)
 └ Bangkok ★★★★★

Thailand is a country where you can fulfill all your desires. If you’re lost with a guidebook in hand, just ask, the food is delicious and cheap, and the beer is delicious. There was so much fun in sightseeing, such as being able to shoot real guns and exploring the floating city. The most memorable show in the world is the Calypso Ladyboy Show. I watched intently because I had no idea what was going to happen.

satisfy human desires. No matter what, everyone is kind.

Actually, I originally wanted to go to Laos, but I couldn’t find a suitable flight, so I changed my flight to Thailand. This was absolutely correct.

07th.08th.09th.10th. Euro (2014/09)
 └ Paris ★★★★☆
 └ Barcelona ★★★★★
 └ Metropolitan City of Rome ★★★★☆
 └ Vatican City ★★★☆☆

We visited the main cities in one trip. I have so many memories of the stylish streets of Paris, the delicious paella in Spain, the Vatican where it took three hours to enter a museum, and Rome where I could eat authentic pasta.

I want to see the completed Sagrada Familia. Among these, Barcelona, the city of art, is overwhelmingly recommended. However, in terms of Europe, I’ve always wanted to go to Germany and the Netherlands, and recently I’ve been wanting to go to Luxembourg.

06th. India (2014/03)
 └ New Delhi ★★★★☆
 └ Varanasi ★★★★★
 └ Agra ★★★★☆

Driven by the urge to see the Ganges River, I went to India. I was so moved by the sight of the Ganges River that I looked forward to, and I still remember the sight and smell of it. At the time, there were many scenes that I thought were annoying, but now I don’t think it’s enough. I felt like I had been directed to only restaurants catering to overseas travelers, so I wanted to try again to find authentic food on my own. I want to ride a bicycle rickshaw again.

I’m really glad Gandhi went. A unique country even in Asia. I haven’t touched the essence yet, so I want to try again.

05th. New Zealand (2013/08)
 └ Auckland ★★★★☆

Every tourist destination was vast and rich in nature. Because it is so vast, tourist spots are scattered and quite far away. The air is quite dry.

04th. Taiwan (2013/05)
 └ Taipei City ★★★★★

I love the culture of night markets, and I wish it would become popular in Japan as well. A mysterious country where English is not spoken and people can communicate better in Japanese. Everyone was kind.

03rd. Australia (2012/09)
 └ Sydney ★★★★★

This is my first solo journey. I visited on summer vacation when I was a member of society. Even though I was only on a plane for about 8 hours,

– “So many different kinds of people in the world!”
– The coffee I had at Cairns Airport during my transit was extraordinarily delicious.

These surprises made me crazy traveling abroad.

02nd. South Korea (2011) *University graduation trip

01st. United States of America (2000) *Family trip

Kenya, Vietnam, China, Uganda, Mali, Canada, Austria, Germany, Ethiopia, UAE, Cameroon

National flagsAll countries I have been to

The world is divided according to the following.

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